Why and How I Use Amazon Links

I spend quite a lot of time on this blog and I would like to spend even more. Therefore, it would be nice if I could create sufficient income to afford spending all the time I wish. However, I have decided not to use adds. I myself hate adds. And I expect my readers to feel the same. Adds take away focus from the content, they demolish any attempts of having a clean design, they increase the loading time of a page considerably, and they make it difficult to navigate. Moreover, you may find adds for various dubious products on your site.

Instead, I have become an Amazon associate. It works like this: If you click on one of my links, an amazon page will open for you, and if you buy something within 24 hours, you earn me a small fee. To point at Amazon when it comes to music, DVDs and books, which is what I mostly write about, seems to me quite reasonable. In most cases, Amazon (of course including all the associated sellers) is simply the best place to buy, both in terms of availability and price. Few people have bought more on Amazon than myself! But in case other shops are more relevant, I will let you know.

To buy via my links involves no extra costs for you. And I take care to provide links which doesn’t put any limitations on your freedom of choice. Linking more specifically to products would often exclude attractive options, not least regarding prices. Instead, my links lead you to more or less open search results; from there, you will have to finish the browsing yourself.

Indeed, anything you buy via my links could earn me a fee. Therefore, I would appreaciate it a lot, if you – as a token of support – would  bother to make all your Amazon purchases via my links. I provide general links for this purpose below. In case you should want to make a direct donation, you are of course most welcome to do so, please go to the box to the right at the footer of the page.

Amazon Locales

Amazon works in many different locales. Buying in a local or nearby locale means faster and cheaper delivery. On the other hand, availability might be better in other locales. Within the EU, you can still buy free of custom duties. But crossing the Atlantic not only means more costly delivery, it also involves a risk of having to pay custom duties. My own experience of importing items to Denmark from US or Brazil is that the custom duty in itself is not an unbearable cost; but on top of it the authorities charge a quite high transaction fee. So in the end, there is a trade-off between availability and costs.

For the time being, I highlight amazon.co.uk and amazon.com in my posts. To these locales, I here provide a search box and a general link, respectively. To open the seach box in a new (full) window, just click on the link at the bottom of the box.

Clicking on one of the “Other”-buttons will lead you to this area. Below I provide search boxes or links to the alternative locales to which I currently am associated. To open a seach box in a new (full) window, just click on the link at the bottom of the box.

Depending on how the traffic develops, I may change locales or add new. Please feel free to contact me, if you have any comments regarding this.