About This Blog

Welcome and Enjoy!

My name is Karsten Klint Jensen. I am working as a philosopher. But I also have a lifelong passion for music. Like many other white middle class Europeans of my generation, it all started with Beatles and Rolling Stones and later all of the rock music of the 60s and 70s. Early on, there was an interest in blues. The arrival of funk and socalled fusion got me into the history of jazz. From there, my curiosity has led me to study many musical styles and epoches.

A predecessor of this blog was a series of presentations with music examples, which I gave from 2005 and onwards. First about bossa nova, later about blues and the history of jazz and then Brazilian music once more. In these presentations, I tried to dig into the cultural and historical background of the music. At least a few people found an interest in what I had to say.

For some time, I have been wanting to write about my studies and share it with others. I decided that a blog like this is the right format. So here it is! The main subject areas will be music from Brazil and New Orleans, since they both have interesting backgrounds that may not be well known to many people. But I can’t promise in advance to exclude any subject, style or area. I might even bring my passion for local food, wine and general culture and history in play.

I may be the only person who sees any connection whatsoever between the subjects I write about. Hence, even if you are interested in some things, you might not want to spend time on others. However, I take great care to make navigation on the site easy, so you quickly can find what interests you and avoid the rest. Use the menu, the breadcrumbs, the archive and the name index in the sidebar. If you sign up for email notification, you will know in advance if a new post is of interest. You can also follow the facebook page.

I warmly encourage you to share any relevant information in relation to the posts in the comment box. It would be great if the blog could gather information over and above my own contributions. However, I have to say that my policy on derogatory or disparaging comments is one of low tolerance.

Pardon my English. I am not a native English speaker, and I know I make mistakes. I am afraid you will have to live with that.