Where to Buy

One of the aims of this blog is to provide the opportunities to stream (most of) the music I am writing about. But maybe you want to buy CDs or vinyl, or DVDs or books. Therefore, for each post, I provide links to market places where you can search for the items you want to buy.

Amazon Locales

One option is Amazon. Amazon has a very diverse range of sellers associated.

Amazon works in many different locales. Buying in a local or nearby locale means faster and cheaper delivery. On the other hand, availability might be better in other locales. Within the EU, you can still buy free of custom duties. But crossing the Channel or the Atlantic may involve more costly delivery, and not the least involves a risk of having to pay custom duties. My own experience of importing items to Denmark from US or Brazil is that the custom duty in itself is not an unbearable cost; but on top of it the authorities charge a quite high transaction fee. So in the end, there is a trade-off between availability and costs.

For the time being, I highlight amazon.com and amazon.de in my posts, to which I provide a general link. (I am associated to these locales, see here).

Amazon Other

If you click on the “Amazon Other” button, you get redirected to this section. Here I list a number of Amazon locales, which may be relevant on certain occasions:

amazon.co.uk (U.K.)

amazon.fr (France)

amazon.es (Spain)

amazon.com.br (Brazil)

Other Options

As alternatives to Amazon, I highlight Discogs and Qobuz.

Discogs is a very useful website with discographical information on very many artists. On top of it, it has a market place for CDs and vinyl, both new and secondhand. You have to register to use the market place (no costs), where you can both buy and sell. When you are looking at a page with specific record, you can enter the market place for this particular item. Discogs is a good place to look for rarities and out-of-stok material, and prices are usually reasonable.

Qobuz is a streaming service that also offers downloads in CD quality for sale. You do not have to be subscribed to the streaming service to buy downloads. Qobuz is based in France and available in a number of countries. When you click on the link, you will be directed to your local Qobuz, or get the sad message that Qobus is not (yet) available in your country.

There is also  a third option, called “Other”. Clicking on that button will redirect you to this page, where I list links to som further possibilities:

FNAC is a European store chain with, among other things, lots of music, DVDs and books. ¨The main online shop is based in france, but if you are looking for local music or films, it might be worth checking the relevant local branch.

Louisiana Music Factory is of course specialist in all forms of music from New Orleans, including CDs, vinyl, DVDs and books. They sell online.

Bandcamp is an American online shop where you can buy CDs, vinyl and downloads. Some local New orleans artists seems to be available only here.